Close Encounters of The 5th Kind

Gaining a greater perspective of ourselves and the world around us can only be obtained by removing unwanted high tension states, such as “stress”, in a carefully controlled manner to produce sharper senses.

The hosts of CAC have made available some of the finest offerings to project you into resonated states, yet discovered, that will dissipate stress and produce a better focus for mind, body, and spirit.

Graham will be offering a real CE-5 practice in a quiet place under the stars.

What is a Close Encounter

A ‘Close Encounter’ is a term invented by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who studied Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) with the U.S. Air Force between the years of 1947 and 1969. The original Hynek Classification System of Close Encounters had three types, with subsequent researchers adding to the list. Close Encounters can be broadly divided into two groups:

  • The first four kinds of contact, CE-1, 2, 3 & 4, are all where an encounter with a UFO or Extraterrestrial (ET) is passive in nature; it is either accidental or indirect, or where ETs initiate the encounter. If it happens, it is often outside our control.
  • A CE-5 on the other hand, is where humans actively initiate contact, and where we sustain peaceful bi-lateral communication with ETs.

What Does a CE-5 Look Like

It could look like many things, but much of the time, a CE-5 is where one person or several people gather together to meditate and send a message to our ET friends. Internal and external messages are received back. CE-5s are most often done in the field under the stars to allow for multiple eyewitness sightings of UFOs.

CE-5 CAC Perspective

(1.5 – 3 hours depending on group dynamic and ET participation level)

We will gather in a circle, create a “centerpiece in the middle” and use simple yet effective methods to set intention and resonance within the group and sit quietly within that space watching the skies and surrounding areas for a few minutes.

Chakra clearing meditation can follow, then a visualization of heart energy and love light, to then watch the skies and chit-chat about experiences and have open conversation to connect the group closer to help facilitate contact.

We close with mindful intentions and offering gratitude.

In order to maintain the overall global intention, Graham kindly asks that attendees stay sober for this group-coherence event, including cannabis and other plant medicine or drugs. For those wishing to experience the process using plant-based medicines or other drugs they are of course welcome to try CE-5 within their own group setting.

Bring warm clothes, sleeping bags, gravity chairs, lawn chairs,  or something comfortable to sit on, flashlight or head lamp. Dress like it’s winter.
Bring a crystal or anything sacred you want to put in the middle of the group.
Let’s invite our loving star friends solely with love and positive intention. Realize that contact may happen in many ways, visual, auditory, internal, physical, etc.

Cielia, a CE-5 group leader in Calgary has published a handbook on this:

Links to other global groups practicing CE-5 in various ways: