“Papa Bear” Randall Carlson

…is a professional builder and co-owner of Archetype Design/Build Inc. A native of rural Minnesota, he developed a curiosity and love for the natural world early in life. While attending Georgia’s Dekalb College, he was awarded ‘outstanding geology student of the year’ in 1993. He has continued his studies as an avocation with a primary interest in discontinuities and catastrophes in the geological record.

During the past two-and-a-half decades he has logged over 40,000 road miles of travel across North America to hundreds of sites, studying the effects of the Late Wisconsin Ice Age and its rapid termination 11 to 14 thousand years before present, along with other phenomena associated with extreme events such as impact craters, volcanic eruptions, and Late Pleistocene megafaunal death assemblages. His focus has been directed primarily at the wealth of evidence for catastrophic megafloods associated with the recession of the vast Laurentide/ Cordilleran ice complex.

As an independent scholar and researcher, Randall blends multiple scientific disciplines together with a keen knowledge of ancient mythology and symbolism, to create a unique perspective on the events that have shaped our historical and pre-historical timelines. He has traveled extensively both nationally and internationally, investigating the impacts that astronomical events have had on human culture. Recent discoveries have bolstered his theories that many ancient myths may hold truths about the repeated rise and fall of mankind. From ubiquitous flood legends, the mysterious extinctions at the end of the Great Ice Age, the collapse of the Bronze Age, through the Dark Ages, the Medieval period, the Little Ice Age and now global change, Randall generates a compelling argument that cosmic forces have influenced the cyclic advancement and destruction of human civilizations and proposes the actions that must be implemented now to avoid the next catastrophe.


“If world views were a menu item, every chef on the planet would be using “sufficient.”


“The Collector” Brad Young

Overlaying his daily occupation as a residential electrician, Bradley is an explorer, videographer, and collector. Fascinated by the planets’ natural beauty and the seemingly divine order and chaos of the cosmos, he has aggregated thousands of satellite and telescopic images, plus a gallery of large-scale prints and digital relief maps of America’s lithosphere. Correlating the macro views from above with extensive ground-based micro observations, he has used these cartographic tools to investigate, record and study the landforms that are indicators of catastrophe.

Specifically interested in the factors that instigated the abrupt end of the last ice age and the resultant transformations, surveying impact structures and identifying unconfirmed archaic crater remnants, the mystery of the American Mound complexes and astronomically advanced cultures, space travel and the possibilities of extra-terrestrial life, Bradley has consistently conceptualized outside the boxes of modern scientific dogma. During his limited-run radio program in the summer of 1997, dubbed The Aware State Update, as host “Will B. Young”, he had the opportunity to express some of these progressive ideas while discussing topics that gestate the emerging paradigm. After sixteen years of cosmographic exploration, his next objective is to positively identify the North American impact sites that delineate the Younger-Dryas Boundary events and connect their conspicuous simultaneity with the proposed ‘sinking’ of a fabled Atlantis Island.